Satellite Services

  • Prepare project/ technical proposal for approval.
  • Securing necessary licence from DoT and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Setting up DTH, Teleport , VSAT satellite hub including operationalization of satellite links under National Long distance and International long distance license.
  • TV Channel approvals including up linking and down linking permission and commissioning of channel.
  • Hub inspection and audit protection.
  • Preparation of carrier plan and link budget.
  • Uplinking permissions .
  • Help in setting up play out services.
  • Assist in rolling out of DSNG services.
  • Assist in getting mandatory antenna performance test done.
  • Compliance calendar as per DoT/ TRAI/ TEC guidelines .

Brief description of satellite services


The New Telecom Policy envisages grant of license on non-exclusive basis to Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) service providers for a period of 20 years extendable one time by 10 years. Accordingly, licenses are issued to applicants to establish, install, operate and maintain VSAT Closed Users Group (CUG) Domestic Data Network service via INSAT Satellite System on non- exclusive basis within territorial boundary of India.

Types of CUG VSAT licenses:

» Commercial CUG VSAT license
» Captive CUG VSAT license.
The commercial VSAT service provider can offer the service on commercial basis to the subscribers by setting up a number of Closed User Groups (CUGs) whereas in the captive VSAT service only one CUG can be set up for the captive use of the licensee.
The applicant must be an Indian company, registered under the Indian Companies Act’1956. The Licensee shall ensure that the total foreign equity in the LICENSEE Company does not, at any time during the entire LICENCE PERIOD, exceed prescribed cap for FDI of the total paid up equity.

The salient features of the CUG VSAT licenses :

» The scope of the service is to provide data connectivity between various sites scattered within territorial boundary of India via INSAT Satellite System using Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs). However, these sites should form part of a Closed User Group (CUG).
» The intent of this LICENCE is not to grant long distance carrier rights.
» PSTN connectivity is not permitted.
» The VSAT network shall comply with Technical parameters as specified in TEC Interface Requirements.

Teleports for Uplinking of TV channels

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India notified the “Guidelines for Uplinking from India” .The latest guidelines were issued on 05th Dec 2011.
The applicant seeking permission to set up an Uplinking Hub/ Teleport or Uplink a TV Channel or Uplink facility by a News Agency should be a company registered in India under the Companies Act, 1956.
The Company should have a minimum Net Worth as prescribed below:
For first Teleport Rs 3.00 Crore.
For each additional Teleport Rs 1.00 Crore.
Permission is granted by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting after signing the GOPA for a period of 10 years.