Registration under Other Service Providers (OSP) Category

Services we offer to our client :

  • Understanding the business model of the client to facilitate filling up of online registration form.
  • Analyse the technical details, Planning and Engineering advisory. including type and purpose of connectivity and provide suitable justification to the TERM cell.
  • Assist in preparation of network diagram supplied by Telecommunication service provider.
  • Interaction with TERM cell to explain various technical details , description and nature of service of the proposed sites.
  • Understand follow up queries and help the client in preparation of the most appropriate reply for submission to TERM cell.
  • Securing registration from TERM cell in timely manner.
  • Map regulatory requirements to operation and network requirements.
  • Advisory on compliance related matter.
  • Check that the existing layout is similar to what has been approved by the TERM cell .Identify the area if any which needs approval of term cell.
  • Guilde the client in submitting various documents including accounts , estimates returns as and when asked by the regulatory authorities after inspection.
  • Assist client in framing the reply clarifying the points raised by TERM cell due to non fulfillment of terms and condition related to OSP operation.
  • Technical evaluation To check if the telecommunication recourses obtained from the authorized telecommunication service provider are being used for bonafide purpose and does not violate any licence conditions issued by the DoT.
  • Vetting of various documents required by the telecommunication service Provider from the client related to telecommunication resources.
  • Ensure that the conditions related to sharing of infrastructure are not violated.
  • Compliance and regulatory audit.
  • Call center performance audit/ technical audit.

Brief about OSP category

As per New Telecom Policy (NTP) 1999, Other Service Providers (OSP), such as tele-banking, tele-medicine, tele-trading, e-commerce etc will be allowed to operate by using infrastructure provided by various access providers for non-telecom services. The Telecom Commission in May 1999, accorded in principle approval for registration of Call Centers, both International and Domestic, in the country under the above category. Later, services like Network Operation Centers and Vehicle Tracking Systems, were also added to this category. As per the Terms and Conditions formulated by the Telecom Commission , these application Service Providers could take telecom resources from authorized Telecom Service Providers only and may not infringe upon the jurisdiction of other authorized Telecom Service Providers.They will not provide switched telephony. The Department of Telecommunication (DOT) will charge a processing fee of Rs.1000/- per case. These companies should meet the revised terms and conditions of OSP registration dated 05.08.2008.